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How to make the most of the awesome power of PT Distinction. The masterclasses are FREE for all PT Distinction users.

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Not just a webinar, our interactive masterclasses take you through everything you need to make the most of PT Distinction.


Spaces are limited but new masterclass dates and times are added every Sunday. If you cannot see any available sessions then please try again the following week or watch a replay below.


The masterclass 'doors' close 5 minutes after the start time to ensure late arrivals don't effect the flow of the masterclass. Please ensure you arrive on time or you may risk not being able to participate.

Module 1 - Getting Started

Who is this for: Perfect for anyone just starting out on PT Distinction.



Topics covered:


Adding new clients


Using the program builder and adding custom exercises


Setting up your website


The coaching features and how to use them effectively.


Adding basic forms


Setting up, using and editing Content


Using the schedule effectively to help your client.


Setting up your emails and integration.

Module 2 - The Power of Groups

Who is this for: Anyone who has set up the integrations with PT Distinction and built a program in templates..


Topics covered:


Setting up and using Groups


Setting up a welcome Pack (using forms, results tracking, coaching, text and other attachments) 


 Using Groups with Clients


Setting up a ‘foundation program’ (a basic template to build on)


Using Templates



Module 3 - Automation

Who is this for: Anyone who would like to make the most of the automation features



Topics covered:


Using custom forms & assessments


Advance scheduling


Using habits and Adherence


Payment automation


Automating the on boarding process


Setting up a ‘automation funnel’ from lead to premium client.


Setting Up Pre Made Packages


Building a Team in PTD

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Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions regarding the masterclasses?

  • Q: Why are the masterclasses free?​

    A: The masterclasses are funded by PT Distinction and are free to all PT Distinction members.

  • Q: Why is there a limit to the number of attendees?

    A: The masterclasses are live an interactive, having large numbers would make these more like webinars which is not the purpose of the masterclass.

  • Q: Why can’t I access the masterclasses?​

    A: If you have registered and you can’t access the masterclass it could be because you are late. The masterclasses are Live and very interactive, they start promptly at the stated time. After 5 minutes we have to close the doors to ensure that the attendees learning is not affected by late comers.

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